Father & Son both 10 years old……

I have the unusual good fortune of being born on 29th February. Consequently I celebrate my birthday only once every 4 years, the next is in 2012 and will be my 10th!

I am also blessed with a son, he was born in 2002. This means in 2012 he will also be entering his 10th year.

We have the delightful pleasure of sharing our 10th birthday year, father and son becoming 10 at the same time. Now that’s an unusual occurance and a party opportunity to be embraced.

The discovery of such a happy coincidence made us realise that these extra-special occasions deserve to be celebrated in style. 20 Past Party Planning Boutique has been created to make the most of these moments in time turning them into happy memories and great shared experieinces which last a lifetime. 20 past does the planning so you can do the partying.

What special moment would you like to celebrate?

Andy Homeyard
20 past party planning boutique

when is your next party?………..

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