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VIP shopping break in London

Go on treat yourself – come to London and indulge in the finest shopping experience in the world. Enjoy a fantastic variety of night time entertainment from west end shows to award winning restaurants and luxurious night clubs.

Stay in sumptuous luxury and be looked after every step of the way.

Personal shoppers can be arranged to find your way around the designer stores along with private viewing in Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. We arrange the entire trip so you are collected from the airport arrive, shop enjoy and relax. Return home fulfilled with all the new seasons latest outfits.

Call +44 1923 678 013 now to arrange your trip and be shopping in london very soon.

Shooting Break – How very English

Experience the thrill of shooting a live target with a quintessentially English shooting break from Anglo VIP.

Successful shot

Great Shot Sir

Start your UK break with some tuition from your personal shooting coach, developing your gun craft with some competitive clay pigeon shooting. Then the hunting starts with live birds, the species depending on the time of year. August 12th sees the opening of the season with Grouse, soon followed by Partridge, Pheasant and Woodcock to keep your firing live targets until next February.

We wrap this shooting experience into an experiential break for both hunters and non shooting guests, including luxury transport, superb 5 star accommodation and the finest catering. Instead of shooting try another sport, go designer shopping or visit a spa, we can arrange activities to suit your every desire.

Former Royal Hunting Lodge

Every evening we have a selection of entertainment to choose from staying in or going out for meals, theatre trips and other cultural pursuits as you wish.

On the final night we arrange an extra special last night party for you all featuring quintessentially English entertainment and shooting prize giving. We work hard to ensure your break is both enjoyable and memorable for you and your guests. This event is suitable for both friends and client entertainment.

Call AngloVIP today on +44 1923 678 013 and book your groups place in the new shooting season.

Experience a royal indulgence break……

You can experience life as a British monarch with a bespoke royal indulgence trip. Leave your life as a commoner behind and taste the opulence of kings and queens through the ages.

Stay in the finest castles, travel in luxury and dine like Kings and Queens.

During the day be entertained like royalty with a wide schedule of authentic royal recreations to choose from.  You could be shooting game in the morning, being fitted for a suit of armour for an afternoon of jousting and then change for dinner and feast like Henry VIII.

Recover in the spa the following day then take a horse and carriage in authentic Victorian robes to the palace for lunch.  Sit for your portrait in the afternoon then be entertained by  fencing competition.

Once again feast in authentic costume from the royal era of you choosing, perhaps try our 12 bird roast.  That’s a turkey stuffed with goose, chicken, pheasant, ayelsbury duck, barbary duck, poussin, guinea fowl, partridge, pigeon, mallard duck and quail, 25kgs of royal excess, quite a spectacle as well as a feast.

Entertainment will be a unique blend of old and new entertainment and food.  Enjoy court jesters, period dancers and sample the drinks and food of the time.  Rest assured you will be well satisfied as we also combined this taster menu with the best that money can currently buy.

Book a royal indulgence break and experience the very best that Great Britain has to offer, fusing the historic past with the opulent present.  You are guaranteed a unique break which will give you and your guests a memory of a lifetime.

email partyon@20past.co.uk to make your reservation or to recieve more details.


Office xmas party….2010 is tough act to follow

Every year you try to out do the previous years effort. Last years party set the bar so high that you don’t where you will get the inspiration, let alone the time, to beat it this year.

Worry no more, outsource your problem to the professionals and we will create the party to beat all previous parties.

Act now to ensure you get the choice of the best venues and entertainment and give everyone a real spectacle to look forward too.

Engage 20 past party planning boutique for your office xmas party and know its going to be a great night…….that was easy!

email partyon@20past.co.uk and discover what a party planning professional can do for you.

office xmas party…oh no not again

It’s coming around again, and will be with us before you know it, yes it’s the office Xmas party. Are you looking forward to it like a hole in the head?

Who is going to have the responsibility for putting together an evening of entertainment that the staff will enjoy and not resent this time?

Will it be like previous years where every monthly management meeting the subject comes up but nobody takes on the challenge, then, in October panic sets in. The event costs a load more than you intended because everything is booked up and you vow never to be in this position again.

Well this year try a different angle, take action early save yourself loads of stress and effort, give everyone the party they deserve and enjoy the evening for once…..contact 20 past party planning boutique for your office xmas party….that was easy…….partyon@20past.co.uk

Father & Son both 10 years old……

I have the unusual good fortune of being born on 29th February. Consequently I celebrate my birthday only once every 4 years, the next is in 2012 and will be my 10th!

I am also blessed with a son, he was born in 2002. This means in 2012 he will also be entering his 10th year.

We have the delightful pleasure of sharing our 10th birthday year, father and son becoming 10 at the same time. Now that’s an unusual occurance and a party opportunity to be embraced.

The discovery of such a happy coincidence made us realise that these extra-special occasions deserve to be celebrated in style. 20 Past Party Planning Boutique has been created to make the most of these moments in time turning them into happy memories and great shared experieinces which last a lifetime. 20 past does the planning so you can do the partying.

What special moment would you like to celebrate?

Andy Homeyard
20 past party planning boutique

when is your next party?………..

Host your own Total Wipeout afternoon……

Here is a great idea to reward your staff, customers or get your family and friends together, have a “total wipeout” themed summer party.


Out door family friendly and often hilarious entertainment, watch or compete yourself to be the fastest person around the course.  Negotiate various inflatable obstacles designed to ensure you wobble, fall, spill and tumble your way from start to finish. Total Wipeout themed events are guaranteed to put a smile on everyones face, make sure you have a camera handy at all times.


Competing against the clock in various categories all ages can try for a prize.  With a selection of ideal venues from which to choose we can put on the whole total wipeout themed afternoon for you with minimal involvement or cost.  Packages from £3,000.


You can watch others on the main course have a go yourself or play on something else nearby.  A wide range of other equipment is available for all age groups including go-karts, trampolines and bouncy castles.


We can also supply full catering so BBQ, sandwiches, drinks, cakes, sweets and ice-creams are all available to purchase at pocket friendly prices for a truly memorable afternoon.

Contact 20 past party planning boutique for more information by email partyon@20past.co.uk or call direct on 01923 678 013 and you could be on the big red balls this summer.

when is your next party?………….

An Alternative Royal Wedding Entrance

The ultimate wedding party is almost upon us. It is a rare and fabulous occasion that inspires celebration across the country.  Royal weddings bring friends, neighbours, communities and fellow countrymen together.

This video is a youtube hit, 11 million and rising quickly, and supposes what the royal entrance to Westminster Abbey could be on the 29th April 2011.  Make sure the speakers are on –  you are in for a treat:



We wish the happy couple William and Katherine all the best on the big day and for a long and fulfilling future together.

However you choose to spend your extra bank holiday,  make the very best of it.

20 Past Party Planning Boutique


Summer Season Parties

Summer is here! Sunshine, bumble bees and a smell of grilled meat drifting in the air… Perfect time to invite good old friends around, or ask your new neighbours and break the ice with a Garden Party.

Here is some inspiration and advice from House To Home Magazine (click on the image below or copy the link into your browser):


Create a dedicated serving table | Garden party ideas | Outdoor dining | Garden decoration | PHOTO GALLERY