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Experience a royal indulgence break……

You can experience life as a British monarch with a bespoke royal indulgence trip. Leave your life as a commoner behind and taste the opulence of kings and queens through the ages.

Stay in the finest castles, travel in luxury and dine like Kings and Queens.

During the day be entertained like royalty with a wide schedule of authentic royal recreations to choose from.  You could be shooting game in the morning, being fitted for a suit of armour for an afternoon of jousting and then change for dinner and feast like Henry VIII.

Recover in the spa the following day then take a horse and carriage in authentic Victorian robes to the palace for lunch.  Sit for your portrait in the afternoon then be entertained by  fencing competition.

Once again feast in authentic costume from the royal era of you choosing, perhaps try our 12 bird roast.  That’s a turkey stuffed with goose, chicken, pheasant, ayelsbury duck, barbary duck, poussin, guinea fowl, partridge, pigeon, mallard duck and quail, 25kgs of royal excess, quite a spectacle as well as a feast.

Entertainment will be a unique blend of old and new entertainment and food.  Enjoy court jesters, period dancers and sample the drinks and food of the time.  Rest assured you will be well satisfied as we also combined this taster menu with the best that money can currently buy.

Book a royal indulgence break and experience the very best that Great Britain has to offer, fusing the historic past with the opulent present.  You are guaranteed a unique break which will give you and your guests a memory of a lifetime.

email partyon@20past.co.uk to make your reservation or to recieve more details.